No matter your application, we have a solution.


FC500 Series

The FlowCore flagship series, the FC500 is the Lamborghini of chemical injection and fresh water management systems. Replacing dumb chemical pumps with precision and monitoring of fresh water flow rates…this unit does it all.

Ideal Applications:

  • Fresh Water Systems

FC550 Series

The smartest chemical pump controller in the market, the FC550 series is extremely versatile to whatever needs you have. Turn any dumb pump into a smart pump earning you money at an extremely affordable price.

Ideal Applications:

  • Salt Water Disposals

  • Capillary Strings

  • Slip-Streams

  • Fresh Water Systems

FC575MP - coming soon.jpg

FC575 Series

An 8-port, modular, single pump, manifold system ideal for methanol chemical injection, the FC575MP makes real-time adjustments for changes in temperature, pressure, and gas flow rates.

Ideal Applications:

  • Gas Lifts

  • Sales/Flare Lines

  • Compressor Stations

  • Fresh Water Systems

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