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Company History

FlowCore Systems is a chemical injection & water treatment automation solutions company founded in 2013.

The genesis of the company began with a group of stakeholders searching for a better way to manage chemical dosing in fresh water treatment systems in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota. Chemical pumps used for decades provided limited mechanical settings and were prone to failures and mistreatment.

After a year of failed attempts using conventional measurement devices, FlowCore was propelled above the competition because of one “light-bulb” moment from Chuck Black, the president and co-founder of FlowCore. Now patented by FlowCore, this new fluid measurement process has expanded the limits for chemical injection accuracy one-hundred-fold.

Paired with over 60 years of automation and manufacturing experience, the FlowCore team utilizes this new technology to push the envelope of what is possible for chemical injection and water treatment systems.




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Chuck Black - President

Chuck Black is an electrical engineer with over 26 years of experience in automation and manufacturing and is credited with 15 U.S. and Canadian patents.

He is a former captain and United States Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, an author of 16 novels published through Penguin Random House, and a co-founder and President of FlowCore Systems.

Chuck has extensive knowledge and experience in product design, controller programming languages, CAD (SolidWorks® & MasterCAM®), and manufacturing processes.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at North Dakota State University.


Ian Black - Operations Manager

Ian Black gained experience in the oil and gas industry by working as a lead lease operator for Oasis Petroleum. Responsible for the optimization of gas lift compressor stations, artificial lift automation was the focus of his work during that time.

At the core, Ian is a designer with experience in user interface, web, graphic, and product design. Ian also currently leads FlowCore’s sales department.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Public Relations & Advertising at North Dakota State University.


Steve Hayden - Production Manager

Steve Hayden is a master machinist with over 34 years in the industry. He is a local expert for high precision CNC & manual machining.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing of automation systems, including pneumatic robotic assemblies and chemical injection and water treatment solutions.

Currently, Steve leads FlowCore’s production division and also manages the machining for Precision Machine & Engineering, a sister company to FlowCore.


Alec Driscoll - Lead Systems Technician

Alec Driscoll gained his mechanical experience in the auto sales/service industry in Fargo, ND.

With an engineer’s mind, Alec has experience in CNC machining, fabrication, and product design.

Currently, he leads the service and QA/QC departments and assists in product development.