FlowCore Systems is a product development company creating solutions for the precision management of fluid handling systems. Necessity is the mother of invention and FlowCore is the brainchild of an experienced team of engineers, business developers, and investors that have joined together to solve real world problems.

The genesis of the company began with a group of stakeholders searching for a better way to manage the chemical dosing in the freshwater treatment of Bakken oil wells. Legacy pumps used for decades in the industry provided basic mechanical settings and were prone to failures and mistreatment.

“There’s got to be a better way…”

Over a two year period of time, a small team worked together to fund research and development of an electronic fluid management system that provides precision monitoring and dosing in the freshwater and chemical treatment of oil wells. The flagship product was the FC100 Fresh Water Management System and the latest model is the FC500.

Continuous Improvement and Development

The FlowCore approach incorporates continuous improvement and development to solve real world problem and meet the needs of our clients. Having developed a product that captures operating and performance data, the natural next step was to develop a data management and reporting platform to serve our clients. The FlowSite service provides clients with access to performance data, reports, and graphs allowing them to manage their fresh water and chemical programs in a manner never before possible.

Experienced Leadership

FlowCore has assembled a team of leaders and investors with diverse and extensive experience in oil field chemicals, mechanical engineering and product development, business management and corporate finance.